Accommodation + meals + tournament en activities :
The prices of Zomergo 2020 are 160 euro, 150 euro if registered and paid before 1th August.

You may also participate single days for smaller prices, skip accommodation, etc. Prices are:

Morning, including tournament, coffee and tea: 6.50 euro
Afternoon, including workshops, coffee and tea: 6.50 euro
Evening, including games (byo): 6.50 euro
Night, including bed: 6.50 euro
Lunch: 1.50 euro
Breakfast: 1.50 euro
Diner: 8.00 euro

ZomerGo-mug of the year: 6.50 euro

Children until 12 years old can participate at a 50% discount.
Please contact us if you have any questions.

If you come from abroad, you can pay on-site if you want, but you can also pay to:
Account number: NL21INGB0000157073
t.n.v. Nederlandse Go-Bond
PLACE: Amstelveen