The total costs of ZomerGo in 2021 are € 185, with pre-registration and payment before August 1, the entire package will cost only € 175.
This includes accommodation, meals, tournament and workshops, coffee and tea.

You can also only come for one or a few days, or spend the night elsewhere. The prizes are:

Morning, including tournament, coffee and tea: € 7.50
Afternoon, including workshop, coffee and tea: € 7.50
Evening, including games (bring your own): € 7.50
Night, including bed: € 7
Lunch: € 1.50
Breakfast: € 1.50
Dinner: € 9.00

Summer go mug 2021: € 7
(if you notify before August 1)

Depending on the total price, these prices can slightly change.

The registration costs are free for children up to 6 years old and half for children up to 12 years old.

When pre-registering, please transfer the registration fee to:

Account number:

t.n.v. Nederlandse Go-Bond
PLACE: Amstelveen