The total costs of ZomerGo in 2024 are €270, with pre-registration and payment before August 1, the entire package costs only €260. This includes accommodation, meals, tournament and workshops, coffee and tea. If you sleep elsewhere, the package costs €205, and €195 if you register and pay before 1 August.

You can also only come for one or a few days, or spend the night elsewhere. The prizes are:

Morning, including tournament, lunch, coffee and tea: €9.00
Afternoon, including workshops, coffee and tea: €9.00
Evening, including games (bring your own): €9.00
Night, including bed and breakfast: €17
Dinner: €10.00

Summer go mug 2023: €7
(if you notify before August 1)

Depending on the total price, these prices can slightly change.

There may be a limited number of private rooms available for people who want to sleep alone. It depends on the number of participants whether rooms are available. The additional costs are 30 euros per night. People who purchase the full package (7 nights) have priority. If you are interested in this, please put it in the comments box. After the pre-registration period you will hear whether your wish could be honored.

The registration costs are free for children up to 6 years old and half for children up to 12 years old.

When pre-registering, please transfer the registration fee to:

Account number:
t.n.v. Nederlandse Go-Bond
PLACE: Utrecht