About Zomergo

Summergo 2021 canceled

See the announcement.

Corona-info 2021
In addition to the normal course of events, we are taking a number of extra measures to prevent the spread of corona. You can find the information in the Corona-special.

Welcome to Zomergo!
Zomergo is a week for anyone who wants to spend a holiday with a friendly goto tournament, various workshops or just play games, read and walk in the woods for a week. There is always a whole arsenal of games, brought by the participants themselves. Do you have a game lying around, but no one to play it with, here's your chance!

You can participate in a go tournament. Traditionally you are assured of a set of good opponents and a lot of dan players. But there are also enough opponents for kyu players. In addition to the tournament, various workshops are also given, the ultimate opportunity to brush up on your go skills. The organization is still looking for enthusiastic workshop providers. You can sign up for this.
Do you have something interesting to report? An exciting profession or hobby? Then we have a stage where you can have your talk! For example, we have already had a lecture about legal language, quantum mechanics and behavior of cats.

Group accommodation de Wildwal. Website: https://www.dewildwal.nl/
Address: Galgenbergweg 3, 6741 KJ Lunteren

The organization can be contacted per email: zomerwintergo at gmail dot com.

The loyal visitors of Zomer- and Wintergo already have a number in their cupboard: a colorful collection of mugs. During the last editions of Zomer- and Wintergo, the participants could always order a mug with their (nick) name and an image. A nice keepsake and collector's item, but also very practical. How else do you find your mug in a group of 30-60 people?

There is a Mug Design Competition. Are you a creative talent! Join the Competition!